law firm databaseFirmscape is a powerful, competitive intelligence tool enabling you to forecast, assess weaknesses and strengths, and to measure law firm success.

Knowledge is power in the legal industry. Whether you’re a legal recruiter, law firm, or corporation, having a clear understanding of the current legal market affords you a competitive advantage. Accurate, in-depth competitive intelligence using the leading law firm database empowers you to develop and deliver the right strategies for recruiting and other business growth objectives.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge With the Top Law Firm Database

Firmscape is the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective way for you and your team to get high quality, real-time information on top U.S. law firms you simply cannot get by standard online search. Firmscape tracks strategic current and historical data on thousands of top U.S. law firms, both domestically and internationally, with special emphasis on the Top 200 firms. With Firmscape you can:

  • Monitor lateral moves
  • Spot strategic shifts in the market
  • Identify emerging competitors
  • Determine best firms from which to recruit talent to meet growth objectives
  • Conduct due diligence for Merger & Acquisition initiatives
  • Assess health of a firm & monitor their plans for growth
  • Uncover/assess new opportunities in practice areas, geo-targeted locations
  • Generate general overviews of the marketing drill down to the metadata behind it


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