Leopard Law Firm Index - Top 250 Law Firms

The Legal Industry's Most Inclusive and Up-to-Date Law Firm Rating System

Leopard Law Firm Index – Top 250 Law Firms

The Legal Industry’s Most Inclusive and Up-to-Date Law Firm Rating System

The Leopard Law Firm Index (LLFI), established in 2020, is a real-time rating system for Leopard Solutions-affiliated law firms. The LLFI evaluates firms’ profitability, viability, growth, and opportunities using quantitative data and size-adjusted numeric weighting.   

 Compare your firm against competitors using insights derived from the LLFI tool analysis, part of Leopard BI (Business Intelligence) solution.  

Leopard Top 250

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Stay Competitive, Stay Informed – Real-Time Updates

In today’s fast-paced world, a ranking system that changes as the facts change is critical.  

The LLFI provides real-time updates, refreshing twice a week to give you an up-to-the-minute view of firms’ performance. Improved data accuracy is essential for effective planning and achieving success.

Pinnacle Performing Law Firms in 2023 

NEWS: Leopard Solutions is excited to announce the 2023 Leopard Law Firm Index, showcasing the top 200 law firms.

The Leopard Top 200 badge recognizes firms for their consistent LLFI rankings throughout the year, demonstrating firm health.     

Explore the comprehensive list of firms that have secured positions in the overall top 200 rankings: 2023 Top 200 Law Firms 

How We Measure Law Firm Sustainability

The Leopard Law Firm Index measures law firm sustainability using eight indicators and removes bias towards firm size. 

These factors include:

  • Promotions to partner 
  • Growth/Decline in revenue per lawyer (RPL) over a five-year period 
  • Relative success in lateral recruiting and general retention (partner and associates)
  • Relative success in recruiting and retaining entry-level attorneys 
  • Percentage of women partners
  • Average attorney tenure
  • Growth/Decline in attorney headcount
  • Ethnic diversity within the firm 

What Sets the Leopard Law Firm Index Apart?

Unlike other law firm rankings, the LLFI accurately portrays a firm’s stability using “ungameable” data. Updated twice a week, this index takes into account market shifts, attorney movements, diversity figures, and other scored metrics, not solely relying on financial data.  

Every year, we observe firms facing financial difficulties yet still maintaining high national rankings. We recognize that financials alone do not provide a complete picture of a firm’s health. Therefore, we have compiled data points that offer a more precise evaluation of a firm’s strengths and weaknesses.  

Empowering You with Data-Driven Insights

Our Leopard BI (Business Intelligence) includes the LLFI tool, which users can run their own analysis. This enables them to compare firms for deeper insights, understand the factors influencing each firm’s score, and assess legal marketplace dynamics. As firm scores evolve, this information becomes crucial for making decisions about representation or career choices.   

Your success in the dynamic legal landscape hinges on being well-informed. Whether it’s business intelligence, competitive analysis, recruitment, or retaining attorneys, Leopard is here to assist you.   

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