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Providing intelligence on attorneys and law firms to assist with placing lateral attorneys, offering strategic consulting for law firms, and tracking job market trends.

Leopard Solutions has stood as a cornerstone resource for the legal community for over two decades. Our database has consistently emerged as the preferred choice, offering precise and comprehensive contact and biographical information on law firms and in-house corporate attorneys. Tailored to meet the strategic hiring and lateral attorney placement requirements of legal search consultants, our cutting-edge legal intelligence platforms empower you to make informed decisions in the dynamic legal recruitment landscape. Assess our most update-to-date curated data in navigating the complexities of legal talent acquisition with accuracy and reliability.

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Lateral Placement

Legal recruiters use our Leopard List platform to find the right lawyers for law firms. They also use our Leopard In-House platform to find the right lawyers for corporate counsel hiring. Discover the appropriate lawyer by utilizing various search criteria, including field of practice, geographical location, diversity, job role, educational and biographical background, duration of service at the law firm, potential interest in relocation, and particular areas of specialization.

Strategic Talent Advisor

Discover hiring patterns in law firms and track their expansion or contraction with Leopard Firmscape and use this knowledge to business development opportunities for expanding recruiting services. Use Leopard BI (Business Intelligence) to guide legal recruiters on potential merger and acquisition prospects and be the talent acquisition advisor for these firms. Provide the law firms strategic growth strategy helping to identify talented attorneys looking to move.

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Attorney Jobs

Receive daily alerts when new attorney job opportunities become available through the Leopard Job search platform. Find open available jobs with Leopard Job Match to help attorney clients find open opportunities that match their background and areas of expertise. Monitor hiring trends and job opportunities in real-time.

Find out why we are the most trusted legal database provider in the industry.

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