Leopard Job Search for Legal Recruiters and Competitive Intelligence

Leopard Job Search

Leopard Job Search is a searchable online platform of attorney jobs, updated in real-time, providing legal placement professionals access to the largest and most accurate database of attorney jobs in the legal industry. With access to daily alerts, legal placement professionals are able to stay on top of job opportunities as they become available.

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Get the data you need, armed with the knowledge you want so your firm is ready to act. Control the narrative of your job ad, the legal jobs market, and your business.



With nearly 15 years of legal jobs market data, create reports to see the rise and fall of practice areas, geographic strongholds and other market emerging trends.

Remain alert

Remain Alert

Design specific alerts to keep an eye on competing firms, clients, or specific job posts; manage opportunities and stay ahead of the curve with alerts designed to maintain your competitive edge.


Generate analytical reports using curated data to transform into actionable insights, guiding informed decision-making and optimizing business strategies.

Leopard Job Search Provides Great Features Such as:

Real-Time Alerts

Custom alerts on job openings before your competition. Get alerts on current, new and modified jobs (open to recruiters, closed, etc.) in the U.S. and internationally.

Workflow Efficiencies

Annotate job posts, save and reuse search criteria, and link to the original job posting so to  stay organized and maintain efficiency.

Smart Search Functions

Search all open, current and closed job posts to gain market insight; sort by date, see recent changes, shifts, and rising trends to better position yourself in front of your candidate or client.

Collaborative Tools to Automatic Attorney Matching

Match attorneys to jobs with a click using the job match functionality built into the Leopard List to minimize time spent searching for candidates and maximize efficiency.

Uses for Leopard Job Search

The Leopard Job Search is a multi-purpose searchable database of job openings that meets the needs of legal recruiters and law firms. Since 2002, Leopard Solutions has been a trusted go-to resource for our clients. Request a demo to learn more.

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Uses for Legal Recruiters

Keep current with available job openings at over 1,000 law firms through a searchable platform and real-time alerts. Utilize the job match integration with Leopard List to immediately place attorneys with jobs that match their experience. Contact us to see how legal recruiters use our products and services.


Uses for Law Firms

Research current job postings by geographic location, practice areas or specialty. Monitor your competition and uncover hiring trends and growth strategies. Contact us to see how law firms use Leopard Solutions’ products and services.


Uses for Law Schools

Utilize Leopard Solutions customized law school student job search feature to uncover employment opportunities for current students and recent graduates. Contact us to see how law schools use all of our products and services.

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Leopard List

The most comprehensive database of top attorneys from leading law firms across the United States and internationally. It is comprehensive in both the data points available on each attorney as well as the scope of firms included. It is extensive in both the amount of data available on each attorney as well as the scope of firms included.



A law firm directory offering market research on all top domestic and international law firms. Firmscape offers curated reports with the ability to drill down to the attorney level for a 360° overview of any firm including your own. Control the narrative of your firm with a bird’s eye view of where you stand.


Leopard InHouse

One of the largest and most accurate legal corporate counsel directories built on the same great platform as Leopard List. Leopard In-House provides a unique repository of actionable data that can be used for all your business development and growth needs.

Find out why we are the most trusted legal database provider in the industry.

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The Leopard Job Search database is updated throughout the day Monday through Friday.

We monitor law firm websites every day, Monday through Friday and post new openings the moment we find them.

Yes! Subscribers can set up email alerts for the frequency of their choosing, either three times per day, or have our search engine check every 15 minutes for real-time alerts on job postings.

Yes! Leopard Job Search seamlessly connects with Leopard List allowing you to create a list of potential candidates for any given job opportunity. You can further refine the list to find the best candidate to present to the law firm.