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We’re committed to providing up-to-date research and data on legal industry topics that matter to you. From webinars and infographics to research reports and articles, Leopard Solutions is your source for the legal
intelligence you need.

The 2021 State of The Legal Industry Report

An in-depth analysis of the legal industry in 2021, this paper provides a deep analysis of trends seen in 2021 and insight from industry experts. It reviews lateral hiring, law firm diversity, the cities with the most growth, law firm growth, and more.

How Firms Can Use The Probability of Move Tool For Retention

A look at how law firms can utilize the Leopard Solutions Probability of Move filter to identify their most at-risk attorneys and put a plan in place to retain them.

How the Great Resignation is Impacting Law Firms of All Sizes

This webinar brings together a panel of industry leaders to discuss the Great Resignation and what law firms can do to retain and recruit talent in today’s competitive market.

Four Tips to Become a Strategic Partner to Your Law Firm Clients

An infographic that looks at ways recruiters can set themselves apart from the competition and use data to provide greater value to their law firm clients.

The Results of the 2021 In-House Counsel Survey

This paper reports on a 2021 survey results through which in-house counsel provided insights into their current job satisfaction and what they look for when hiring outside counsel.

Alumni Relations Infographic

An infographic discussing why law firms need alumni programs and offering 5 tips to build a strong alumni relations program at your firm.

How Are Law Firms Really Doing When It Comes To Diversity?

This infographic provides the most recent data on how law firms are really doing with diversity and provides insights from industry experts about how firms can affect real change.

Critical Considerations For Successful Law Firm Mergers and Combinations

This infographic provides insight into why firms consider mergers and combinations, the reasons why some mergers fail, and tips for success from industry leaders.

The 2021 Booming Legal Job Market

This infographic analyzes the 2021 booming job market including the job openings of month, lateral hiring trends, and looks at the practice areas that saw the most significant number of hires.

2020 State of the Industry Report

Many law firms in the top 200 weathered the pandemic due to prudent actions and smart planning – some even used 2020 as an opportunity for strategic growth.

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