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We’re committed to providing up-to-date research and data on legal industry topics that matter to you. From webinars and infographics to research reports and articles, Leopard Solutions is your source for the legal
intelligence you need.

State of the Legal Industry Report 2023 - Leopard Solutions

The Leopard Solutions State of the Legal Industry Report highlights law firms' challenges and shifts in hiring, practice areas, and partnership trends. It offers invaluable information for legal industry leaders to proactively refine their business development, competitive intelligence, recruiting, and marketing strategies for 2024. Download now.

Unveiling the Top Law Firms of the 2023 Leopard Law Firm Index (LLFI) Webinar Replay and Slides – Leopard Solutions

This enriching webinar goes beyond the rankings, providing an in-depth exploration of the compelling stories, innovative strategies, and successes of the top law firms that have earned a place on the leaderboard. Watch now.

Diversity In Law White Paper - Leopard Solutions

Diversity in Law White Paper assesses the recent Supreme Court rulings on affirmative action and its impact on DEI initiatives. Read the report.

Webinar Replay and Slides: Staffing Your Corporate Legal Department

In partnership with the Cluen Corporation, this webinar explores current trends and offers practical insights on optimizing your legal department to enhance its performance and meet organizational objectives.

Webinar Replay and Slides: Diversity in the Legal Industry

In a recent webinar, a panel of DEI professionals joined Laura Leopard, CEO and Founder of Leopard Solutions, to discuss the latest data analysis and insights regarding the progression of DEI. This webinar also showcases the latest survey results from DEI professionals across the legal industry.

The Leopard Den Podcast: Building a Lasting Legacy

Succession planning is crucial for law firms, especially large ones. Failing to prepare and implement a succession plan can lead to disastrous results, including loss of clients and revenue.

The After Party Podcast: Building a Lasting Legacy

Tune in to our After Party podcast, where we continue the insightful conversations from the recent webinar, "Building a Lasting Legacy: Empowering Organizations Through Strategic Succession Planning."

Webinar Replay: Building a Lasting Legacy

Watch our recent webinar, where a panel of industry experts joined us to discuss the importance of succession planning on organizational management, its role in ensuring smooth leadership transitions, and the empowerment it offers to the next generation of professionals.

White Paper: Building a Lasting Legacy

This report, authored by Laura Leopard, Founder and CEO of Leopard Solutions, sheds light on the critical issue of succession planning within organizations, focusing on the legal sector.

The Leopard Den Podcast: The Challenges of Women in Big Law

While top law firms are taking steps towards gender equality, challenges for women in Big Law persist. Our data reveals that many women are leaving the industry at the height of their careers, despite more women than men being hired straight out of law school.

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