Law firm and attorney database for business intelligence and market research

The most in-depth and accurate database with thousands of top law firms and attorneys throughout the U.S. and globally.

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Law firm and attorney database for business intelligence






Corporate Counsel



  • Howard, WIlliams & Rahaim
  • Lucas Group
  • Wegman Partners
  • Stofsky
  • Veritylaw

The best of human and machine intelligence to provide you the most accurate data.

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Business Intelligence - attorney and law firm database


Leopard Solutions is a powerful law firm and attorney database for all types of businesses. We provide detailed legal market research and competitive intelligence designed to serve the legal industry including law firms, corporate counsel, legal search professionals, and law schools.

Yes! Leopard Solutions’ client success team is with you every step of the way – from monthly learning webinars to support documents and archived videos to live chat to Leopard University, our full platform training program for large teams, you and your team are never alone. For more information or to set up a training session, please contact Client Success.

Data is essential to staying ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition. It can aid with risk assessment and protect your company against predictable market pressures.

Leopard Solutions’ provides critical data for law firms, corporations, legal search professionals, and law schools. Leopard List covers nearly 3,500 law firms,  Job Search over 800 firms and InHouse covers over 7000 companies.