Leopard Solutions Top 10 Reports and Tools for 2023

Essentials for those Seeking Legal Intelligence 

Leopard Solutions remains a crucial player, providing requisite information for the legal sector through our platform, which accommodates over 30 reports. Users can effortlessly access these reports to generate analyses, leveraging the meticulously curated data of attorneys and law firms that form the foundation of our platform.  

In 2023, we saw heightened access to our key reports and tools whereby our users generate analysis to help them gather insights to build their businesses.  

Here are the top 10 reports and tools used in 2023 that we hope to glean into what is crucial for legal professionals looking to grow and expand their firms.  

  1. Firmscape Report  

A strategic tool for firms seeking to expand or diversify, the tool allows detailed analyses of the legal market, helping organizations make informed decisions based on current trends and future projections.  

  1. Current Firm Report  

This report analyzes law firms’ current standings, including critical metrics such as partner demographics, practice areas, and geographical reach. It’s an invaluable resource for firms aiming to assess their market position.  

  1. Recruiting Connection Report  

This tool is instrumental in facilitating the targeted search for legal talent and identifying connections across talents and firms.  

  1. Laterals Report  

Offers insights into lateral movements within the legal industry, helping firms stay informed about market trends and competitor strategies.  

  1. Growth Decline 

Tracks the growth or decline of law firms, offering strategic insights for established and emerging players.  

  1. Firm Entrance and Exit 

Examines law firms’ entry and exit patterns, shedding light on market dynamics and competition.  

  1. Coach’s Corner   

A unique tool offering mentorship and coaching tips that legal HR and recruiters can rely on to foster professional development.  

  1. Current Market  

A dynamic tool that tracks real-time market changes, offering up-to-the-minute data on market trends and allowing legal professionals to adapt swiftly to industry shifts.  

  1. Laterals By Destination 

A report focusing on lateral moves based on geographical destinations is invaluable for firms with specific expansion goals. It offers insights into regional market dynamics, helping organizations tailor their strategies accordingly.  

  1. Compensation By Office 

Understanding the compensation landscape is crucial for attracting and retaining top legal talent. The Compensation by Office Report provides detailed information on compensation trends, enabling firms to stay competitive.  

Honorable Mentions  

Our Leopard List, Leopard Jobs, and Leopard InHouse are the cornerstone databases our users rely on to continue building their competitive edge. These comprehensive databases are indispensable for firms looking to identify potential hires or understand the competitive landscape. The Leopard In-house is what firms rely on seeking to establish or strengthen their relationships with in-house legal teams. It is a goldmine of information on in-house legal professionals and their affiliations.  

Leopard Solutions continues to be a driving force in the legal industry, providing cutting-edge reports and tools that empower law firms to make informed decisions by conducting their own custom analyses using our data. In 2023, these top 10 reports and tools have proved instrumental in navigating the complexities of the legal landscape and shaping the strategies of firms and professionals alike. We expect the need for such real-time analysis to increase even more for 2024.  

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