Laura Leopard to Speak at the ARK Women in Legal Summit on the Results of Leopard Solutions’ Women Leaving Law Survey

May 25, 2022 @ 3:00 pm

Location: Chicago, IL

Event Type: Conference

Laura Leopard will present the results of the Women Leaving Law Survey in Partnership with ARK and Leopard Solutions at ARK’s Women in Legal Summit on May 25-26 in Chicago.

One of the questions left unanswered by our 2021 State of the Industry report concerns the number of women associates who have dropped out of the top 200 firms and other corporations that we track.

Our report cites the disproportionate impact that the pandemic has had on women in general, many of whom left the workforce entirely, as a possible reason.

Although there are currently more women than men attending law school and our research regarding entry-level hiring shows women are outpacing men in joining firms, it appears that a much higher number of women lawyers have left the legal industry and the practice of law entirely, especially since the pandemic.

In our latest study, we sought to find out more about why.

Join us for a program at ARK’s Women in Legal Summit where Laura Leopard will explore the findings of our Women Leaving Law: Examining the Changing Landscape of the Legal Profession research, where Laura will discuss:

  • Why women are leaving the legal industry
  • Why women aren’t rising to partner
  • What law firms can do to better support women lawyers
  • How the pandemic and shifting patterns of working from home have changed women’s career goals

Learn more about the ARK Women in Law Summit.

Take the Women Leaving Law survey and pass it along to a woman you know who left the legal industry to complete.

Download your free copy of the Leopard State of the Industry Report.