Leopard Solutions’ Top Products of 2022

December 15, 2022

Leopard Solutions provides law firms, legal recruiters, legal service providers, and legal search consultants with valuable data to help them meet their goals. Our products fall under the umbrellas of Leopard List, Firmscape, and Leopard BI. See below for our innovative new products and features of 2022!

Leopard List:
Leopard List is an extensive online attorney database, updated twice per week, that provides the most current and historical data points on top lawyers including law school, JD year, admissions, memberships, gender and ethnic diversity, and numerous other research filters.

In 2022, Leopard List released an updated CV View, and now includes Chambers ranking data.

We also celebrated the three-year anniversary of our gender and ethnic diversity filter this fall. This much-needed filter allows law firms and recruiters to identify candidates who have a high probability of being ethnically diverse, gender diverse, or both. We’re proud to play a part in the movement to provide more equitable opportunities to diverse attorneys, and to be aligned with Diversity Lab.

Leopard Firmscape:

Firmscape, updated twice per week, is the go-to resource for law firm competitive intelligence and research. Firmscape incorporates law firm data through a variety of reports, analyzing current and historical data on lateral movement, attorney promotions, corporate representation, growth and decline of headcount, law firm diversity, and law firm financials.

In 2022, Leopard Solutions launched two new Firmscape tools:

The Firm Entrance & Exit Report: Track the retention rates of incoming lateral and entry-level hiring classes from past years to see the percentage of attorneys that have stayed beyond 3, 4, or 5 year benchmarks. Compare against other firms for benchmarking purposes. Track retention rates by the law school to improve entry-level hiring strategies. Calendar back to view how well hiring went year over year or years back to today.

The Office Opening/Closure Report: This tool enables users to see firm openings and closures, in both the United States and internationally. In each opened firm, you can view the top practice areas and specialties, the number of attorneys, and dates of openings and closures. This tool is a valuable resource for competitive intelligence research and analysis.

Leopard BI:
Leopard BI was released pas a beta product in late 2020 and saw its full launch in September of 2021. Leopard BI is a collection of 9 reports, including our recently released Practice Group Acquisition Tool and The 360 Firm History Report. 

Leopard BI marries AI with our historical data to provide intelligence to effectively help users to meet their competitive intelligence, business development, marketing, and recruiting goals. In 2022, we launched the following tools:

  • The Practice Group Acquisition Tool supports law firms in identifying groups of attorneys or practices at other firms to acquire instead of just individual attorneys. The tool also models the potential outcomes if the groups were to join the firm. Coming out of the frenzied job market that began post-pandemic, using this tool allows firms the ability to grow more strategically. 
  • The Coach’s Corner centralizes all of the rich Leopard Solutions data into talking points by comparing one firm with the candidate’s current firm. The tool helps internal and external legal recruiters shape the narrative surrounding why an attorney should be interested in joining their law firm. 
  • The Firmwide Connection Report, which is the latest of our three connection reports, including The Attorney Connection Report, The Firmwide Connection Report, and The Recruiting Connection Report, to help you leverage attorney history for helping law firm attorneys develop more business and identify new client opportunities and to aid in soft-outreach recruiting.  
  • The Past Merger Report, which provides critical insights on past law firm mergers. In a time when more and more firms as looking to merge or acquire new firms as part of their lateral hiring strategy, the report enables users to apply lessons learned from past mergers as they look forward to future mergers and combinations. 
  • The 360 Firm History Report allows users to conduct a deep-dive analysis into a firm’s history, performs current and historical benchmarking against competitors across 14 key metric areas, enhances year-end analysis with graphs, charts, and visual representations, and provides in-depth data to support a firm’s recruiting narrative. 

One of Leopard Solutions’ foundational principles is listening to the needs of our clients and finding solutions that provide value. Many of our tools were born from client feedback, so please reach out to our Client Success Team or your Sales Representative to provide your valuable insights. 

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