Five Suggested New Year’s Resolutions For Law Firms with Talent Management in a Highly Competitive Legal Market

December 28, 2021

2021 was a whirlwind of growth, demand, and change in the legal industry. Law firms were met with a need to be flexible and innovative in hiring and recruiting, with demand for talent creating a competitive environment like we’ve never seen before.

As we prepare for 2022,  we reflect on advice from industry leaders and the trends Leopard Solutions data uncovered. What do law firms need to do to grow and see success next year?

Here are five suggested new year’s resolutions designed to help law firms of all sizes with talent management in today’s highly competitive legal market.

  1. Invest in your associates every day
  2. Create an alumni relations program
  3. Use competitive intelligence and data more effectively
  4. Set your laterals up for greater success
  5. Make talent management your priority

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