The Challenges of Women in Big Law Report 2023

Find out why women are leaving Big Law and the possible solutions

The Challenges of Women in Big Law

While top law firms are taking steps towards gender equality, challenges for women in Big Law persist. Our data reveals that many women are leaving the industry at the height of their careers, despite more women than men being hired straight out of law school.

This white paper sheds light on the ongoing systemic barriers within the legal profession and provides guidance for firms to cultivate a more inclusive workplace.

Key insights from the report:
  • Only 17% of the managing and co-managing partners of the Top 200 law firms are women
  • 48% of Women in Big Law survey respondents saw themselves in the same firm on a partner track or had already made a partner
  • Women are also dropping out mid-career in more significant numbers than men at the ratio of 27:73