Product Update: Lateral Trend Report Bolsters Leopard BI Offering

Lateral Trends Report

Have you ever wished you could easily track the movement of lawyers for law firms of all sizes throughout the country? The Lateral Trend Report, now available on Leopard BI (Business Intelligence) now puts that power at your disposal, along with the ability to drill down the attorneys that made those moves and details of where they were. Our exclusive software allows clients to search laterals from 2006 onward, providing best-in-class, historical market trend analysis. Our proprietary search engine delivers mission-critical insight into the success of lateral moves by the firm, practice, specialty, diversity, and more.

This product enhancement allows the user to manipulate time series trends on lateral numbers, easily including or excluding search criteria as desired. With numerous filters, you can generate everything from market-level trends to firm-level trends, splitting or grouping by location, attorney type, and start date. The Laterals Monthly Chart is depicted dynamically, highlighting entrances for associates, partners, and counsel only.

Want to know how your firm is stacked up against its Am Law 200 cohort? That information and more are available less than a click away. Best of all, the tool can produce predicted values in real time. Simple to download and easy to print, you no longer need to traverse multiple spreadsheets. The Lateral Trend Report is a significant timesaver that will provide an actionable business intelligence report ready to be taken to your employer instantly.

Real-world Use Cases

Our nascent tool provides users with a useful lateral monthly chart interface, should you want to track associates, partners, and counsel entrances over time. All USA entrances are conveniently split by gender. Here is an example of the filter, group, and split functionality, which is cleanly depicted through comparative bars that allow for selecting practice areas by gender. At the same time, the handy hover feature allows a concise view of the raw inputs.

Leopard BI
Filter, Group and Split

Users are also given the ability to filter by firm and group location. Here we see stacked bars representing entrances for associates, partners, and counsel in their respective cities, now with the option to hover to highlight a slice or click a city to filter and hide a slice.

Leopard BI
Group and Filter

Further analysis is also an option using the firm group dropdown menu. This allows clients to segment data by various cuts of the LLFI 250 and Am Law 200 data, as well as drill down by competitors.

If you are a firm seeking predicted values on lateral activity, the forecasting enhancement brings that to fruition, along with an extensive history of attorney entrances spanning years.

Leopard BI
History and Forecasting

Utilizing proprietary algorithms and cutting-edge AI, the Leopard BI product has long been a must-have resource for legal professionals to measure their firms’ success across critical rubrics. The Lateral Trend Report adds an exciting new dimension to the strategic dashboard that will allow firms to drive law firm sustainability by identifying patterns around personnel gains and losses. Legal recruiters and consultants will have a similar need to track important movements within the industry, in the interest of monitoring placement.

Leopard Solutions has been reporting on lateral trends in law. Learn more about Leopard Solutions BI or ask for a demo of the Lateral Trends Report .

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