Jobs Boom Forges on with Of Counsel in Demand

Law jobs continued at a torrid pace, closing the second fiscal quarter of the calendar year. New job postings among all firms tracked by Leopard Solutions surpassed projections from our AI-driven prognosticator by 20%. This demand is striking, signaling continued resilience in the global legal labor market. 

The U.S. market has somewhat come back to Earth after a scorching May, which saw over a thousand (1,005) new jobs created. Still, the 824 jobs posted in June beat predictions by 4%. 

The U.S. market seemed to favor strategic lateral recruitment for navigating the dog days of summer. While all lawyer categories surpassed predictions, the demand for Of Counsel outpaced all others, exceeding expectations by 29%. The difference between actual and predicted hiring for Of Counsel was nearly double that of the partner hiring differential.

The data that Leopard Solutions tracks is another sign that the labor market is holding firm, with no indications that job growth will trend downward for the remainder of the year.

Leopard Solutions predictions are derived from our proprietary algorithm that quantifies job opening figures by analyzing the seasonality of employment opportunities and the trajectory of market trends observed in the preceding months.

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