Connecticut Law Firms Threatened by Flexible Work Policies and Salary Gap

This report by Leopard Solutions analyzes the challenges facing mid-sized Connecticut law firms in the wake of increasingly flexible work-from-home policies offered by their Big Law competitors. 

Key Findings: 

  • Salary Disparity: Starting salaries in Connecticut Am Law 200 firms ($174K) fall short of their New York counterparts ($200K) by an average of $27K, making recruitment a challenge. 
  • Lateral Hiring Decline: Lateral hiring of associates, partners, and counsel at Am Law 200 firms in Connecticut has decreased, with open positions dropping 21% over two years. 
  • Talent Drain: Big Law attorneys leaving Connecticut are relocating beyond the tri-state area, indicating a broader migration pattern. 
  • Practice Area Decline: Seven out of 13 tracked practice areas in Connecticut Am Law 200 firms experienced a net loss of lawyers through lateral movement. 

Recommendations for Mid-Sized Law Firms: 

  • Competitive Compensation: Raise billable fees to increase profits and offer salaries closer to those of Big Law firms. 
  • Strategic Investment: Reinvest profits in generative AI and cloud-based solutions to boost efficiency and profitability. 
  • Culture Building: Foster a strong firm culture to improve retention. 
  • Alternative Recruiting Strategies: Expand recruitment beyond traditional universities and avoid overcompensated rainmakers with high client turnover. 

These findings highlight the urgent need for mid-sized Connecticut law firms to adapt to the changing legal landscape. By implementing these recommendations, these firms can remain competitive and attract top talent. 

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