The Leopard Den Podcast: Examining The Results of the 2022 In-House Counsel Survey

How satisfied are in-house counsel attorneys, and what do they look for in outside counsel?

Leopard Solutions surveyed 473 in-house counsel attorneys to learn about their job satisfaction, the current salary landscape of in-house attorneys, and what they look for in hiring outside counsel.

In this webinar, Laura Leopard, CEO of Leopard Solutions, unveiled the results of the survey and shared exclusive Leopard Solutions data on the in-house market. Laura was joined by a panel of industry professionals who discussed the results and provided insights and their experience on why they made the choice to move in-house, their work-life balance, how they choose external counsel, and more.

Speakers included:

- Laura Leopard, CEO of Leopard Solutions
- Mary Marbach, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Savant Sciences
- Adam Mortillaro, Senior Corporate Counsel and Director at Iridium Communications
- Jennifer Pettigrew Tuesta, Partner – Head of In-House Attorney Recruitment (US) at Page Executive