The Results of the 2021 In-House Counsel Survey

A Look at Job Satisfaction and Needs For Outside Counsel

The goal of the 2021 Leopard Solutions General Counsel survey is two-fold.

We aimed to understand the attorneys who go in-house, including how satisfied they are in their current work environment and if they would consider returning to a law firm.

Additionally, we wanted to highlight what is most important to general counsel in terms of hiring outside counsel. These revelations can provide law firms with valuable insights into their clients’ needs and help drive internal discussions surrounding business development and client retention.

Lastly, we wanted to marry the rich data found throughout the Leopard Solutions database with the data from this survey to paint a more vivid picture of the current in-house landscape and practice trends. The Leopard Solutions data used in this report comes from the In-House database that tracks over 75,000 corporate attorneys at more than 4,200 firms.