Practice Group Acquisition Tool

Using Actionable Data-Driven Insights to Identify Law Firm Practice Groups As Acquisition Targets

Leopard Solutions Practice Group Acquisition ToolEmpower your law firm’s growth strategy by using Leopard Solutions’ Practice Group Acquisition Tool.

Instead of scouting individual attorneys for hiring, this tool enables law firms to pinpoint and evaluate entire practice groups at other firms as strategic acquisition targets.

Amidst the market uncertainty, the practice area acquisition tool allows firms the ability to grow more strategically, and quickly identifying successful practice groups to acquire for quicker success that can impact the fiscal year.

In addition to identifying the groups, the tool models what it would look like after the group joins the firm—demonstrating the potential symmetries between the group and the prospective firm and noting any possible areas of concern if the group were to join the firm.

Law firms can use the Practice Group Acquisition Tool for:

Strategic Expansion Planning

If a law firm aims to strategically expand its expertise into a specific practice area, the tool can help to identify top-performing practice groups at other peer firms. It can further generate modeling scenarios to identify which outside practice group to target.

Talent Pool Evaluation

Leveraging the tool, the firm  can evaluate considering factors such as  client base, and expertise. It can choose a group that aligns with its growth objectives, ensuring a seamless integration of talent.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Before finalizing an acquisition, a firm can use the tool to simulate the integration of a targeted practice group. The tool provides a detailed analysis of potential challenges and synergies, allowing the firm to proactively address any concerns. This risk assessment ensures a smoother transition and minimizes post-acquisition disruptions.

Client Base Expansion

The Practice Group Acquisition Tool helps identify the potential outcomes whereby it not only secures legal expertise but also gains insights into expanding its client portfolio through this acquisition.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Using the tool, the firm identifies practice groups that complement its existing strengths, ensuring a strategic fit with the firm’s overall goals that will allow more efficient allocation of resources across different practice areas.

Market Competitiveness Analysis

The firm can use the tool to assess the strengths and weaknesses of rival practice groups. By understanding the competitive landscape, the firm can make informed decisions about acquisitions that not only strengthen its capabilities but also position it more favorably in the market.

Client Opportunity Identification

The firm can quickly add emerging practice areas that not only enhances the firm’s service offerings but also opens doors to new client opportunities in evolving industries. The tool provides insights into potential clients associated with targeted practice groups, enabling the firm to capitalize on emerging trends.

With the Practice Group Acquisition Tool, law firms can precisely identify groups that align with their criteria, backed by exclusive data from Leopard Solutions. Law firms can make informed decisions and strategically expand their capabilities in line with their business objectives. This comprehensive approach not only considers the internal dynamics of the firm but also explores potential new client opportunities that could arise from integrating specific practice groups. Gear up for a year of growth driven by actionable insights and data-driven precision.