Watch a Replay of the Leopard Law Firm Index’s Top Law Firms of 2021 Webinar

March 29, 2022

What really makes a law firm successful? That is a question we set out to answer when we created the Leopard Law Firm Index Score.

The Top 10 Firms in the Leopard Law Firm Index in 2021Eighteen months ago, in collaboration with Above the Law and Adam Smith, Esq., we developed a law firm ranking system based on ungamable data that truly provides an up-to-date view of a law firm’s health and stability.

It was important for our scoring system to be fluid and to change as the law firm changes, allowing viewers to have the most accurate view possible at any given moment.

In a recent webinar, Stefanie Marrone moderated a webinar with Laura Leopard and our collaborators, Brian Dalton, SVP and Editorial Director at Breaking Media; Bruce MacEwen, President of Adam Smith, Esq., and named the top-scoring firms of 2021, discussed our methodology and shared key takeaways. Watch the webinar replay.