Showcase Your Inclusion on the Leopard Top 250 List with Free Recognition Badge

May 5, 2021

Showcase your firm’s selection on the Leopard Top 250 list by placing this badge on your web site and on social media. View the current rankings.

The Leopard Top 250 represents the top global law firms based on data collected through The Leopard Law Firm Index, a dynamic ranking of over 4,200 global law firms, with data updated twice a week.  

The Leopard Law Firm Index is based on key weighted indicators of law firm sustainability and eliminates the bias for relative law firm size.

The index changes as data changes and provides an overview of how firms are doing in real-time. All 4,200 firms are given a score — from 0 to 500 — based on the overall health of the firm. The index looks at a variety of factors to create the Top 250 list, including: 

  • Growth or decline in attorney headcount 
  • Average attorney tenure 
  • Increases or decreases in revenue per lawyer (RPL) over a five-year period 
  • Relative success in lateral recruiting and general retention (partner and associates) 
  • Relative success recruiting and retaining entry-level attorneys 
  • Promotions to partner 
  • Ethnic diversity within the firm 

 Learn more about the Leopard Law Firm Index and Top 250 List 

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