Most In-House Attys Report Satisfaction In Work-Life Balance

November 14, 2022

Law360 noted in their article Leopard Solutions’ data featured in our In-House Counsel Report. The article cites data on in-house attorney satisfaction with work-life balance, whether these attorneys would return to a law firm, and if they’ve moved to another in-house role.

The article quotes Adam Mortillaro, Senior Corporate Counsel at Iridium, who was a panelist on Leopard Solutions’ In-House Counsel Survey webinar. He stated, “In a law firm context, you are worth your time. You go into your glass cage and bill 14-15 hours a day, then go home and do it the next day. There’s so much more emphasis on the intrapersonal aspect in an in-house role. It’s incumbent on you to build relationships.”

Law360 reports on Leopard Solutions’ data on career advancement opportunities in in-house roles, salary, and professional development opportunities. The data featured in the article provides essential insights for corporations and law firms to increase their retention, and in-house counsel can benchmark themselves against their peers.

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Source: Law 360
By Matt Perez