Leopard Solutions Releases Diversity Legal Industry Tool

September 8, 2020

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Leopard Solutions, the legal industry’s leading provider of accurate and verified attorney and law firm research for the past 20 years, proudly announces our new diversity tool.

Diversity fosters many organizational advantages including increased profitability, greater creativity and problem-solving, and stronger governance. Organizations with greater diversity are more resilient, effective, and outperform competitors that do not invest in diversity. In the legal industry, more and more corporations are requiring law firms to diversify partnerships and leadership roles with more women, attorneys of color, LGBTQ+, and lawyers with disabilities.

The Leopard diversity tool was created because diversity has been a talking point for many recruiters and firms for a very long time. While both recognize the need for diverse hires, there are not many benchmarking or recruitment tools on the market to move the needle towards achieving diversity goals. With the Mansfield Rule in its fourth iteration, more top firms, and corporations supporting diversity; accurate data is the missing link for firms, recruiters, and corporations to measure and benchmark strategic diversity growth measures, which are more important than ever.

“Leopard Solutions’ goal is to provide accurate data that can help law firms increase diversity considerably and responsibly moving forward. We are excited about the release of our Diversity Search and Benchmarking tool. As a WBE, we are committed to helping create a more equitable legal industry by supplying data and reporting to law firms and their corporate clients so they can continue to move the needle in the right direction.” Laura Leopard, CEO, Co-Founder.