Leopard Solutions Launches Customized Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking Research Tool for Law Firms

May 6, 2021

Leopard Solutions, the leading provider of accurate and verified attorney and law firm data, has released the Law Firm Competitive Match Tool, the newest offering as part of its Business Intelligence Suite of reports and predictive analytics.

The Law Firm Competitive Match Tool gives law firms the ability to quickly identify statistically probable competitors in each practice and office. Law firms can benchmark their competitors based on our Leopard Law Firm Index Score, attorney ROI (success in attorney retention) and Growth Decline metrics. This is the first tool of its kind.

Using more than 20 years of attorney data, the Law Firm Competitive Match Tool provides visual charts and predicative analytics that enable law firms to better understand who their competition is as they look to both develop and retain clients, grow practice areas and industry focus as well as expansion of offices.

“Law firms typically monitor and benchmark their firm against 5 to 10 competitors,” said Laura Leopard, CEO of Leopard Solutions. “The Law Firm Competitive Match Tool will highlight for law firms their both known and unknown competition at the office and practice area level in real time so they can get a more accurate picture of their competition and use that information for better strategic planning.”

The Law Firm Competitive Intelligence Match Tool is the fifth report and search tool to be released as part Leopard Solution’s Business Intelligence Suite. The Business Intelligence Suite is utilizes over 20 years of Leopard Solutions research to provide predictive analytics on topics such as law firm mergers and acquisitions, ROI of lateral and entry level attorney hiring, attorney and corporate counsel connections and law firm health and stability, through the Leopard Law Firm Index, which highlights the Leopard Top 250, a dynamic ranking of the top 250 global firms based on attorney growth, retention and diversity.

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Phil Flora, Vice President of Sales and Marketing 

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