Leopard Solutions’ Data on Open Legal Jobs Featured in Reuters Article on the Demand for Law Firm Associates

July 26, 2021

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Leopard Solutions’ jobs data was featured in a Reuters article exploring how the global M&A boom has law firms across the United States scrambling for associates, leading legal recruiters to have a strong year already as they try to quickly fill these positions with qualified candidates.

The article cited research from Leopard and noted “A glut of associate openings may also be breaking records. As of Friday, legal intelligence firm Leopard Solutions had tracked 9,995 open lawyer and staff positions listed at about 1,000 law firms, more than it ever recorded. That includes 6,905 open associate jobs.”

The number of open legal jobs actually surpassed 10,000 a day after this article was published (see our press release on this).

The article noted that “there’s so much demand that law firms are falling over themselves for talent” and that a global M&A boom, with a record-setting $1.5 trillion in deals announced in the second quarter of 2021 alone, has created a huge demand for law firm associates – and for recruiters to find them.

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