Legal Industry Professionals Share Their 2021 Reflections and Predictions for 2022

January 14, 2022

As part of our most recent webinar, The State of The Legal Industry, participants were asked to share a word that described 2021. Words ranged from “overwhelming” and “exhausting” to “transformational” and “evolutionary.”

Laura Leopard, CEO of Leopard Solutions, shared data staggering insights about growth and changes within the legal industry, and our panel provided insights on the year and offered predictions about what the industry will see in 2022.

Participants were also asked to provide a word for what they thought would define 2022. Where many of the words offered about 2021 seemed veiled in anxiety, participants widely see 2022 as a year for hope and balance- identifying words like “growth,” “self-directed,” “new strategies,” “relief,” and “flexibility.”

Many of these words point to challenges and opportunities we have seen in the legal industry with firms offering greater flexibility including hybrid work environments, branching out beyond their tried-and-true recruiting strategies, and recognizing the need to focus on lateral retention.