Laura Leopard Featured in ABA Journal Article on Recent Appearance on Ari Kaplan’s Virtual CEO Roundtable

December 23, 2021

Laura Leopard, Leopard Solutions’ CEO and Founder, was featured in an ABA Journal article on her recent appearance on Ari Kaplan’s virtual CEO roundtable where she spoke alongside a group of other legal industry chief executive officers about trends, challenges and opportunities in 2021 and the year ahead.

The other CEOs featured in the virtual roundtable included:

  • Gary Buckland, CEO of Lexitas
  • Candice Hunter Corby, CEO of Cobra Legal Solutions
  • Sang Lee, CEO of Thine
  • James Lee, CEO of LegalMation
  • Nicolas Leroux, CEO of Kalexius
  • Rakesh Madhava, CEO of Nextpoint
  • Gary Sangha, CEO of LexCheck
  • Joey Seeber, CEO of Level Legal
  • Ram Vasudevan, CEO of QuisLex

When asked by Ari where she has discovered an opportunity for her business in 2021, Laura said, “Decisions are being made, and technology is being adopted more quickly, but many companies would not have made some of the decisions to do so it wasn’t for COVID. The pandemic took a lot of the reluctance out of some decisions to move forward and pushed the timeline up, probably by a decade.”

Laura Leopard ABA Journal QuoteLaura went on to say that COVID has made her a much better boss and has increased her empathy level in very simple ways, noting, “We were a remote company for many years and always used Zoom or similar technology but never turned our cameras on. Now, everyone’s camera is on in every meeting, and we see a different side of our team than we did before. It has enriched the whole experience for me. I feel like I know everyone so much better. It is possible to really create a human connection in this way.”

Read an excerpt of the virtual CEO roundtable on ABA Journal’s website and watch the full CEO roundtable here.