The Coach’s Corner – Using Actionable Intelligence to Drive Better Recruiting Results

May 26, 2022 @ 1:00 pm

Location: Virtual

Event Type: Webinar

Everyone can use a little help when it comes to persuading a candidate at any level to join a firm.

Leopard’s newest business intelligence report, which is part of Leopard BI, the Coach’s Corner, uses data to make a persuasive argument on why a law firm is the right fit for the candidate and if the candidate is the right fit for the law firm.

The Coach’s Corner lays out the pros and cons of making the right placement in a clear and concise way, analyzing headcount, diversity, retention, previous recruiting success and more at the office and practice area level as well as at the firm as a whole, for both the firm at which the candidate currently works and the firm they are considering.

Leopard Solutions hosted a webinar in which Laura Leopard, CEO of Leopard Solutions, provided an overview of the Coach’s Corner, and shared ways that this report can help both internal and external recruiters in their recruiting efforts.

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