State of the Legal Industry Report 2023
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State of the Legal Industry White Paper

The 2023 State of The Legal Industry is the "Year of Reaction," highlighting law firms' challenges and shifts in hiring, practice areas, and partnership trends. It offers invaluable information for legal industry leaders to proactively refine their business development, competitive intelligence, recruiting, and marketing strategies for 2024.  

Key discoveries highlighted within the report include
  • In 2023, new entry-level hiring surpasses lateral hiring for the first time. 
  • Litigation witnessed remarkable growth, leading to a 17% surge in job openings.  
  • The hiring gap widened for ethnically diverse laterals and entry-level positions, rising by 5% for laterals and 3% for entry levels.  
  • California emerged as the state with the highest number of new office openings, while Dallas claimed the title of the most popular city.  
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Last Updated March 7, 2024