Connection Reports

The best business development tools for attorneys, allowing you to leverage attorney history to identify meaningful relationships within their networks

connection reportThe Leopard Solutions Connection Reports consist of three business development resources that show connections between law firm attorneys and corporate counsel found in the Leopard InHouse database. By identifying meaningful connections, firms are able to drive potential new growth opportunities within the firm through soft-touch outreach instead of “cold-calling.”

Attorney Connection Report

A business development tool for the individual attorney, the Attorney Connection Report allows firms to look at who an individual attorney knows within corporate legal departments.

Firmwide Connection Report

Where the Attorney Connection Report allows firms to dive into connections at a single-attorney level, the Firmwide Connection Report allows firms to identify the connections the firm, collectively amongst their attorneys, into both industries and company-specific, corporate legal departments.

Recruiting Connection Report

The Recruiting Connection Report is a first-of-its-kind tool that allows law firms and recruiters to quickly and easily identify meaningful connections between an attorney candidate and the attorneys at a law firm. By identifying these connections, firms can utilize “soft-touch” outreach to recruit a candidate as well as craft a recruiting narrative of a seamless transition into a firm where they already have a network.