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Maintaining regular contact with your alumni is crucial for all law firms as well as other professional services organizations because alumni have unique and tremendous value to your organization.

Why Law Firms Must Have a Strong Alumni Relations Program

A thriving alumni network can help you with recruiting, marketing, branding and business development.

The employee lifecycle is just that, a cycle. Once becoming alumni, members remain engaged and connected to your organization. They can gain networking opportunities, access to firm updates and more while giving back though events and mentoring or coaching opportunities. On top of that, rehiring from an alumni network is one of the top benefits for organizations and alumni alike.

Developing an alumni network is an important milestone for organizations. It shows that organizations have made an important shift from saying goodbye at offboarding to saying hello to new opportunities that come from keeping alumni engaged as they move forward in their career.

To carry out all the components of an alumni program, you need accurate and up-to-date alumni data. Tracking the contact information of your alumni and their career progression should be at the core of your alumni relations program.

However, once a lawyer leaves your firm, you may lose touch with them, even if you have a full-time CRM steward or an alumni relations point person.


Here’s where Leopard Solutions can help.

Leopard Solutions’ Alumni Tracker can track down your alumni in real time. You’ll have access to their entire professional history since leaving your firm. This first-of-its-kind tool puts your entire alumni network at your fingertips, saving you hundreds of hours of internet searches and phone calls trying to track down your network.

The Leopard Solutions Alumni Tracker enables you to search for your alumni by:
•Law school
•Undergraduate school
•Practice area
•Attorney type

Even though you have the contact information of an alumnus when they initially leave your firm, that doesn’t mean they are still at that organization two, three or five years later. The Leopard Alumni Tracker takes the guesswork and legwork out of staying informed about a lawyer’s job moves during the lifecycle of their career.

Find out why we are the most trusted legal database provider in the industry.

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