State of The Legal Industry Report – 2021

Eye-opening insights on how the legal industry fared in 2021

Filled with data analysis from Leopard Solutions and commentary from leading industry professionals, the 2021 State of The Legal Industry report features the most up-to-date view of how the legal industry fared in 2021 with lateral hiring, diversity, office openings and closings, and more.

When we wrote this report last year covering 2020, we had been dealing with the pandemic for 10 months. Law firms were swimming in cash and recruiting was picking up.  We all had hoped the worst was over but Omicron was on the horizon.  Here we are again, in much of the same situation but we are more resilient and adaptable than before and so are law firms.  Changes in how firms operated during the pandemic will probably endure, at least for a while.  What lies ahead?  We have a few clues by mining the past.


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