Top Leopard Solutions Resources From 2021

December 31, 2021

Our Top Resources From 2021

As everyone is wrapping up the year, we’re taking a look back at our top resources from 2021. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve continued to look for ways we can provide more meaningful legal data insights through product expansions and topical webinars to help you stay attuned to changes in the marketplace. 

New Products From Leopard Solutions 

Leopard BI was released as a beta product in late 2020 and saw its full launch in September of 2021.  Leopard BI is a collection of 9 reports, with new reports routinely added. The data in these reports aims to marry AI with our historical data to provide intelligence for business development, competitive intelligence, marketing, recruiting, and more.  

Among the reports in Leopard BI are:  

  • Three connection reports to help you leverage attorney history for helping law firm attorneys develop more business and identify new client opportunities and to aid in soft-outreach recruiting. 
  • The Alumni Tracker puts an up-to-date and verified list of a law firm’s alumni right at your fingertips while providing their current contact information and entire professional history 
  • The mergers and acquisitions tool helps firms identify possible merger and acquisition targets while providing predictive analytics identifying potential successful outcomes and risk factors if the two firms were to combine. 
  • The firm index score is based on ungamable data that provides an accurate representation of a firm’s health in real-time. 
  • The Competitor Match tool allows firms to identify competitors based on practice area and office location to compare across critical KPI metrics. 
  • The Benchmarking tool gives firms the opportunity to compare their firm with up to 15 competitors over 18 metric areas including diversity statistics, lateral hiring success, attorney headcount, RPP, PPP, and the time to make partners.
  • The ROI report estimates the cost of a firm’s lateral hiring efforts 

One of Leopard Solution’s foundational principles is listening to the needs of our clients and finding solutions. Leopard Firmscape, our law firm competitive intelligence platform, saw a new “Attorney Entrance and Exit Report” that came directly from client feedback.

We also celebrated the one-year anniversary of our gender and ethnic diversity filter this fall. This much-needed filter allows law firms and recruiters to identify candidates who have a high probability of being ethnically diverse, gender diverse, or both.

We’re proud to play a part in the movement to provide more equitable opportunities to diverse attorneys. We are proud to be aligned with the Diversity Lab and had the opportunity to present diversity data to mid-size law firms participating in the Mansfield Rule certification program. 

Webinars, Infographics and Industry Surveys

We are committed to combining the data you need with the thoughts and experiences of industry leaders. In the spring of 2021, we rolled out a webinar series covering topics and featuring top voices in the legal industry. 

In addition, we released a number of infographics, quick tip guides and two in-depth reports on the state of the legal market and the results of the 2021 Leopard Solutions In-House Counsel survey.

As we look ahead to 2022, we have a lot of great content planned. Make sure you’re signed up to receive our Leopard Insider newsletter to receive information about our upcoming webinars, new content, industry news, exclusive insights from our database, and more.