February Law Jobs Report Has Makings of a Bull Run

February 2024 Law Jobs Report

After a whipsaw in 2023, USA job openings in the legal market continued their upward climb, besting Leopard Solutions’ projections for the second month (as later affirmed by Thomson Reuters’ reporting).

This time, the hiring market is stronger than anticipated by 18% (734 vs. 867).

February 2024 Jobs Predictions vs. Actual 2

On the contrary, the USA lateral entrances were exactly as predicted for the total; more partners were moving than expected, but there were fewer associates.

February 2024 Jobs Predictions vs. Actual

Our predictions are derived from a proprietary algorithm that quantifies job opening figures by analyzing the seasonality of employment opportunities and the trajectory of market trends observed in the preceding months.

We expect the trend to continue at least through March.


Reuters — US Legal Jobs Returned to Near-Record High in February, Labor Dept Says

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