2019 Annual Roundup

Lateral Attorney Movement and Law Firm Growth in 2019

Many law firms accomplish growth using one or a combination of methods, from lateral recruiting, new hires, and merger/combination. Which growth strategy proves best depends greatly on individual firm goals.

Law firms often turn to lateral hiring as an element of their growth strategy in addition to mergers and combinations. Despite the slight dip in the top 200 lateral movements for 2016, attorney lateral hiring has been on an upward trend increasing by 15% in 2018 and growing an additional three percent in 2019 over the previous year.

This paper also provides insights on gender equality at law firms.  There is equity in hiring at the associate level (both new and lateral hires), but there is a jarring difference at the top.

Download your copy to help justify your growth strategy for 2020.

Leopard Solutions is a business intelligence platform for law firms, corporations, and legal search professionals delivering the most accurate and in-depth information on the legal market, leading law firms and attorneys. The Leopard Solutions’ Roundup is a look at the previous year comparing lateral movement, law firm growth/decline, and other market fluctuations.

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