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Alumni Relations Infographic

An infographic discussing why law firms need alumni programs and offering 5 tips to build a strong alumni relations program at your firm. 

How Are Law Firms Really Doing When It Comes To Diversity?

This infographic provides the most recent data on how law firms are really doing with diversity and provides insights from industry experts about how firms can affect real change.

Critical Considerations For Successful Law Firm Mergers and Combinations

This infographic provides insight into why firms consider mergers and combinations, the reasons why some mergers fail, and tips for success from industry leaders.   

Booming Legal Jobs Market Infographic

This infographic analyzes the 2021 booming job market including the job openings of month, lateral hiring trends, and looks at the practice areas that saw the most significant number of hires. 

2020 State of The Legal Industry Report

An in-depth look at how the legal industry fared in 2020 with analysis on the effects of COVID, lateral hiring, law firm diversity, and industry trends.

2020 State of the Legal Industry Infographic

This infographic provides a look at trends in lateral partner hiring in 2020 and trends in Leopard Law Firm Index scores among top 200 firms. 

Gender and Ethnic Diversity

How are law firms doing with diversity in 2020? This infographic provides a snapshot view of gender and ethnic diversity at top 200 law firms at both the partner and associate levels.

Impact Of COVID-19 On Lateral Movement

As COVID cases climbed, an industry slated for a year of unprecedented growth was halted. This infographic explores how COVID impacted law firm hiring in the second quarter of 2020.

Beyond PPP & Other Metrics of Law Firm Success

No one financial metric can show the complete picture of a law firm or its competitive strategy. This infographic shows how we combine PPP with other key metrics to determine law firm health more accurately. 

2019 Annual Roundup

An in-depth view of the legal industry in 2019, this report uncovers trends driving lateral movement for partners and associates, industry trends, changes in law firm headcount, and gender diversity at law firms.

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