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2022 Diversity Infographic

This infographic features exclusive Leopard Solutions data analyzing if firms have made progress in DE&I and thoughts from industry leaders on where law firms go from here.

2022 Diversity In The Legal Industry

Webinar slides featuring exclusive Leopard Solutions data analyzing if firms have made progress in terms of creating more diverse and inclusive organizations.

The Leopard Den: How The Industry Is Really Doing With Diversity

Panelists join in a discussion surrounding DE&I in the legal industry, including exclusive Leopard Solutions Data.

2022 Legal Hiring Market Outlook Infographic

In August of 2022, we heard from 56 legal industry professionals about their outlook for the next six to twelve months. This infographic breaks down their predictions.

2022 Mid-Year Legal Hiring Market Update

The infographic looks at how hiring demand has changed over the last year, the demand for key practice areas in major legal markets, and how firm size impacts the length of time to close jobs.

2022 Mid-Year Update Infographic

An infographic that looks at lateral hiring, the cities that saw the most growth, and trends in the job market during the first half of 2022.

Women Leaving Law Research Report

An in-depth research report based on exclusive Leopard Solutions data and a 27-question survey about why women have left Big Law and what firms can do to retain them.

Five Tips To Level Up Your Law Firm Recruiting

An infographic that discusses four ways law firms and recruiters can level up their recruiting strategy and shares the tools that will help them do it.

2022 Latest Trends In Recent Graduate Hiring

This report provides an updated look at the latest trends in recent graduate hiring into top US firms. It analyzes placements into top 200 firms and firms outside the top 200, reviews hiring trends regarding top 10 law schools, and provides insight into three-year retention rates. 

2021 State of the Legal Industry Report

An in-depth analysis of the legal industry in 2021, this paper provides a deep analysis of trends seen in 2021 and insight from industry experts. It reviews lateral hiring, law firm diversity, the cities with the most growth, law firm growth, and more.

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