Data Solutions for Law School Recruitment

Delivering the most accurate, in-depth legal data in the industry, Leopard Solutions provides Law Schools with the competitive intelligence needed for law student recruitment by firms and for students to understand the legal job market and build their success within it.

The successful entry of your law students into the professional market ensures the power of your brand reputation and reach. In order to facilitate that transition, your students benefit from your ability to provide them with access to current, timely and reliable data about law firms and attorneys for whom they may wish to work, as well as internships, fellowships, and job openings that are the right fit for them.

Giving Law Students a Competitive Edge To Manage Their Foray Into the Professional World

law school recruitment, law student recruitmentOnly Leopard Solutions provides a complete suite of robust tools featuring the most accurate, in-depth current and historical law firm data in the industry to help with law school recruitment. Featuring high quality data on the top US law firms and attorneys, the Leopard Law School Program makes it fast and easy for you and your students to:

  • Find firms that hire the most from your law school
  • Find firms that hire the most women
  • Find firms that promote the most from within
  • Find firms ramping up their Intellectual Property group
  • Learn which firms are soliciting more Mergers & Acquisitions work
  • Learn hiring history & patterns
  • Understand the direction the job market is going
  • Learn starting salaries among firms in specified geo-targeted locations
  • Learn about a Law Firm’s or attorney’s specialty areas
  • Search internship & Fellowship opportunities
  • Search Internship & Fellowship opportunities
  • Access Legal Recruiter Directory & associated open jobs
  • Access global database of open jobs
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Law School Program Suite of Robust Tools

The Leopard List

The Leopard List

Accurate, in-depth online search database of leading US attorneys.

Leopard Job Search

Leopard Job Search

Real-time global database of job openings posted by law firms and Fortune 500 firms.

Leopard Firmscape


Accurate, in-depth competitive intelligence, market research & law firm analytic program.

Find out why we are the most trusted legal database provider in the industry.

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