Leopard Solutions Releases Two New Reports to Support Law Firm Stability and Growth 

October 6, 2022

Leopard Solutions, a legal intelligence provider, has launched two new tools that will assist law firms with their stability and growth strategy as they look ahead to 2023. 

The 12th and 13th reports included as part of Leopard BI are launching in early October. They consist of the Practice Group Acquisition Tool and the 360 Firm History Report. Both provide over two decades worth of data that will help firms use historical and current data to inform their strategies and business decisions. 

The Practice Group Acquisition Tool, launching October 6, supports law firms looking to identify groups of attorneys or practices at other firms to acquire instead of just identifying individual attorneys to hire.  Coming out of the frenzied job market of the past 18 months, using the practice area acquisition tool allows firms the ability to grow more strategically.  In addition to identifying the groups, the tool models what it would look like after the group joins the firmdemonstrating the potential symmetries between the group and the prospective firm and noting any possible areas of concern if the group were to join the firm.   

“Over the last year and a half, lateral hiring has been in a boom. Firms have had to be smarter as they look for ways to grow and meet client demand,” explains CEO of Leopard Solutions, Laura Leopard, “firms are beginning to look towards acquiring whole practice groups as a strategic method for growth. Our new report allows firms to identify specific groups that match their set qualifications and see the potential outcomes based on our data.” The report also allows firms to identify potential new client opportunities that could be gained in bringing on certain practice groups. 

The 360 Firm History Report, launching October 13, provides users with a 360-degree look at each firm in the Leopard Solutions system – a first-of-its-kind tool for law firm research and competitive intelligence. This report allows users to analyze both current and historical data across 14 key metric areas and benchmark against their competitors. “Having access to both current and historical benchmarking allows users to let the past inform the future,” notes Leopard. “They can do a deep dive into a firm’s growth, and change across the 14 tracked metric points at any given point in a firm’s history since joining the Leopard universe. It’s an immensely powerful research tool.”

About Leopard BI 

Leopard BI provides law firms with tools that contribute to their success by harnessing the power of nearly 20 years of research data along with predictive analytics to benchmark, predict, and accelerate business development. Leopard BI utilizes up-to-date and verified data on topics such as mergers and acquisitions, attorney recruiting and retention, as well as law firm growth and success to aid legal