Above the Law Reports on the Launch of the Leopard Law Firm Index

April 6, 2021

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Above the Law featured an article by Kathryn Rubino on the launch of the Leopard Law Firm Index, which ATL notes is “a new way to check in on the state of the law firm industry.” As part of the index, over 4,200 firms are given a score — from 0 to 500 — based on the overall health of the firm.

The index looks at a variety of factors to create the Top 250 list, including:

  1. Growth/declines in attorney head count;
  2. Growth/declines in revenue per lawyer (RPL) over a five-year period, indicating increases or declines in how clients value the lawyers at a firm​;
  3. Relative success in lateral recruiting and retention (partners and associates)​
  4. Insider Score – surveys of attorneys at the firm about their workplace​ (done in partnership with Above the Law);
  5. Relative success in recruiting and retaining entry-level lawyers​;
  6. Lawyer promotions;
  7. Ethnic diversity within the firm.

Above the Law also notes that the ratings are dynamic — the index is updated twice weekly, providing real-time information about law firms.

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