Laura Leopard Featured in Q&A on the Leopard Women Leaving Law Survey

March 9, 2022

Laura Leopard was featured in a Q&A on the Social Media Butterfly Blog with Stefanie Marrone. Laura and Stefanie discussed why Leopard Solutions is undertaking the Women Leaving Law survey and why women are leaving the lucrative practice of “big law” especially since the pandemic.

Laura leopard on women leaving lawWhen Stefanie asked Laura why women may be leaving their high-paying legal jobs in higher rates than ever before she said, “The pandemic brought a host of issues, but it also brought introspection. We hear of associates (both women and men) who have begun to question the big bargain, and that is trading a good chunk of their working lives to make partner, (where would work even harder). Working from home brought them closer to their families and the thought of returning to the office grind lost its appeal. A new perspective can shake up your plans and make you question what you really value. For some people, they decided the tradeoff isn’t worth it and doing something else makes more sense.”

Laura, a serial entrepreneur, also provided advice to women who are thinking about leaving their comfortable jobs to start a new venture, noting “Persistence and nerve is key to success! Ask for help, ask for advice but make decisions on your own. You will live or die by your decisions and they should truly be yours.”

Read the full interview on the Social Media Butterfly Blog.

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