The Significance of Leopard Solutions Law Firm Index (LLFI) in Legal Practice

February 8, 2024 @ 1:00 pm

Location: Virtual

Event Type: Webinar

Webinar Replay

Leopard Solutions has announced the top 200 law firms that have secured a spot on the 2023 Leopard Law Firm Index (LLFI).

In an era where recognition is paramount, LLFI serves as a benchmark for excellence in the legal field. This enriching webinar goes beyond the rankings, providing an in-depth exploration of the compelling stories, innovative strategies, and successes of the firms that have earned a place on the leaderboard.

Every law firm that Leopard Solutions tracks, currently over 5,500 firms, is listed on the LLFI. Get first-hand insights into the analytics on how some firms secured a coveted spot in the index and what they can do to improve their ranking.


  • Laura Leopard, CEO and Founder, Leopard Solutions
  • Phil Flora, VP of Sales & Marketing, Leopard Solutions
  • Katherine Byrnes, Director of Client Experience, Leopard Solutions

View the complete list of the 2023 top 200 firms.