Webinar: How Law Schools Can Use Leopard Solutions’ Data to Help Students and Alumni

May 25, 2021 @ 1:00 pm

Location: Virtual

Event Type: Webinar

Leopard Solutions hosted a webinar on Tuesday, May 25 to find out how law schools can use Leopard Solutions data to help their students and alumni.

Leopard Solutions, an approved vendor of NELLCO, includes access to over 400,000 attorneys from over 4,200 law firms and over 6,500 corporations. Leopard Solutions updates our data weekly and includes access to legal market trends going back to 2002.

Typically, law schools utilize Leopard Solutions to:

  • Provide access to open jobs for law student placement
  • Maintain an active database of alumni for fundraising, development and networking
  • Obtain legal industry market and law firm research for internal and external use

In this webinar, Phil Flora, Leopard Solutions’ Vice President of Marketing and Sales provided attendees with an overview on how law schools can use Leopard Solutions to:

  • Connect with your alumni
  • Find out which law firms your students join, how long they stay there as well as how many become partners at those firms
  • Learn which law firms are growing and declining
  • Uncover the type of work that law firms do that aligns with the type of work your students want to do so you can help them find the right fit
  • Obtain listings of open jobs for students and recent graduates