Strategic Solutions for the Legal Industry


Many thanks to Leopard Solutions for its multifaceted services, including the invaluable job board.

—Nancy Barrer, Barrer Legal Search

Thank you so much again for your program!!! You have changed the way we do business-truly! So grateful for Leopard List!

—Lindsay Stengle, Wegman Partners

You are doing an amazing job at Leopard Solutions. This information, all in one place, is invaluable.

—Mercy Rock , The Lucas Group

Thank you for creating Leopard Solutions. As someone who has been in the industry for over 20 years, I can say with conviction that you have created a truly wonderful product. Last night's webinar with Scott Love was excellent and I look forward to his next installment, and using more of the 'Solutions' other fine recruiting tools.

—Cynthia Sitcov , Sitcov Director, Inc

You have a great product – which you obviously continue to improve – and you and your colleagues are always wonderfully pleasant to deal with!

—Arthur J. Polott, Esq., Managing Director, Gateway Legal Placements, LLC

After nearly twenty years of recruiting I can say with certainty that Leopard Solutions is the most valuable search tool that our agency has ever used.

—John Williams, Howard Williams & Rahaim

It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s targeted. Leopard Solutions is one of those things that once you have it, you wonder how you could have ever worked without it.

—Richard Rahaim, Howard Williams & Rahaim

The Leopard List is the most versatile, useful, cost-effective, and powerful tool I've seen in 21 years as a hiring partner and headhunter for identifying and comparing associate candidates and assessing competitive trends. Whether conducting a broad based search, a rifle-shot inquiry, or learning what other firms are actually doing, it's a tool that no recruiter or law firm hiring professional should be without.

Among our favorite features are the click-to-e-mail candidates, hot links to candidate web bios, and the ability to sort and screen for almost any relevant credential. The Chicago partner product is equally impressive. The Leopard List eclipses Martindale and other data bases in depth, ease of use, and timeliness. It gives recruiters the information they need - quickly and easily. It does everything but dial the phone and order lunch - but who knows what Laura Leopard has in store in the future.

—Frank Kimball, Kimball Professional Management

The Leopard List perfected the art of the search…easy to navigate, updated and efficient, thus adding to our bottom line.

—Flo Frey, Frey & Sher Associates, Inc.

We are so pleased thus far with The Leopard List and its representatives. We find it to be far superior to other Lists we’ve used in the past.

—Ann Israel, Ann Israel & Associates

The Leopard List delivers a great product that is getting better and better with each update. Thanks for making the search process so much faster and easier.

—Amy Goldstein, Grayson Allen

Even though Sales had to call me a million times to get me on board, I’m so glad they did!

—Elizabeth Ansley, Gardiner Simpson

The Leopard List has enhanced the success of our company. Their research is accurate and up to date, their website is clear and user friendly and web support is responsive and timely. In addition the staff is professional and extremely pleasant to work with. We truly believe The Leopard List provides a service that is incomparable to other companies like it. In the future, if we need to expand our business parameters The Leopard List would be the first company we would call.

—Lianne Stofsky & Deb Schiller, Stofsky & Schiller, Inc.