Strategic Solutions for the Legal Industry


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             ABA Search & Staffing - San Francisco
             Above the Bar Legal Recruiting - Los Angeles
             Access Legal Search - Los Angeles
             Advocate Legal Search* - Los Angeles
             Agency360 - San Francisco
             AJW Attorney Search* - Los Angeles
             Alchemy Legal - San Diego
             Attorney Network - Los Angeles
             Attorney Search Partners - Belmont
             Avis Caravello Attorney Search Consultants* - San Francisco
             BCG Attorney Search - Pasadena
             BCG Attorney Search - San Francisco
             BCG Attorney Search - Newport Beach
             BCG Attorney Search - Los Angeles
             BCG Attorney Search - Palo Alto
             Chase Legal Professionals, Inc.* - Sacramento
             Cushing Bicksler Group - San Francisco
             Cushing Bicksler Group - Walnut Creek
             Cushing Bicksler Group - Diana G Bicksler, Esq. - Danville
             Cushing Group, Recruiters - Danville
             Dawn Davis & Associates* - Beverly Hills
             EKL Attorney Search - Irvine
             Empire Search Partners, LLC - San Francisco
             Engle, Lindsley & Regan Legal Search Consultants - San Francisco
             Esquire, Inc. - Los Angeles
             Essential Legal Staff - Los Angeles
             Garb Jaffe & Associates Legal Placement, LLC* - Los Angeles
             Garb Jaffe & Associates Legal Placement, LLC* - Oakland
             Garb Jaffe & Associates Legal Placement, LLC* - Tustin
             H3 Counsel - Los Angeles
             H3 Counsel - San Francisco
             Kearney Boyle & Associates, Inc. - San Francisco
             Kelly Law Registry - Los Angeles
             KimberCo Recruiting, Ltd. - Newport Beach
             Kinney Recruiting, Inc - Los Angeles
             Kissinger Legal Search, Inc. - Laguna Hills
             LegalWorks - Pacific Palisades
             Levenson Schweitzer, Inc.* - Los Angeles
             Levin & Associates - Santa Monica
             Levitt & Associates* - Irvine
             LEX REX PARTNERS, INC. - Aliso Viejo
             Lucas Group - Los Angeles
             Major, Lindsey & Africa - San Francisco
             Major, Lindsey & Africa - Los Angeles
             Major, Lindsey & Africa - San Diego
             Major, Lindsey & Africa - San Rafael
             McClure & Feuer - San Francisco
             Mestel & Company - Los Angeles
             MJM Associates - Greenbrae
             Mlegal Consulting Inc. - San Francisco
             Mlegal Consulting Inc. - Palo Alto
             National Partner Search, LLC* - Los Angeles
             National Partner Search, LLC* - San Francisco
             Pacific Legal Search, Inc. - Los Angeles
             Pacific Search International, Inc.* - Santa Monica
             Premier IP Staffing Consultants, Inc. - Camarillo
             Reece Legal Search, Inc.* - Los Angeles
             Rifkin Consulting, Inc.* - Laguna Niguel
             Round Hill Search, Inc. - Los Angeles
             Russo & Fondell, Inc. - Los Angeles
             Ryder Smith Legal Search, LLC - San Francisco
             Seltzer Fontaine Beckwith* - Los Angeles
             Sharon Gerber Attorney Search* - Los Angeles
             Sidebar Legal Recruiting, Inc - Burbank
             Simpson Legal* - Thousand Oaks
             Solutus Legal Search, LLC - Redwood Shores
             Successful Placement - Los Angeles
             Swan Legal Search* - Sebastolpol
             Swan Legal Search* - Sebastopol
             Swan Legal Search* - Sebastolpol
             The Advocates Group, Inc.* - San Francisco
             The Brunswick Group* - Los Angeles
             The Dubin Group LLC* - Larkspur
             The Jameson Group - Beverly Hills
             The Newport Group* - Aliso Viejo
             The Partners Group* - San Francisco
             The Partners Group* - Los Angeles
             The Portfolio Group Inc.* - Los Angeles
             The Winford Group* - Encino
             Verity Legal Recruiters Inc. - Oceanside
             Victor Legal Solutions - Los Angeles
             Villasenor & Associates - Los Angeles
             Westwood Law Consultants* - Beverly Hills

Pursuant Legal Consultants,® LLC* - Seattle

* Denotes NALSC Member