Wednesday Wellness: Active Relaxation Tips For Attorneys

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When law firm life is stressing you out, it may be tempting to veg out in front of the TV or on the internet scrolling through mundane videos. But vegging out can exacerbate stress and cause even more anxiety. Here are a few active relaxation techniques.

  1. Focus on a single task. Place your undivided attention on a single task. This type of focus can help distract you from ruminating on the thoughts that stress you out.  A single task can be something physical like golf or even something more mentally stimulating like a crossword puzzle. As a matter of fact, you should have a few enjoyable activities that help you unwind after work.
  2. Loosen up. Tension and stress can rest in your body and create pain in your shoulders, neck, and lower back. Release some of this tension by going for a walk, taking some yoga, at home stretching or getting a gentle massage.  Releasing the tension in your body will help relax your mind.
  3. Express your thoughts.  Many attorneys feel stressed because they have no one they can discuss their thoughts with. Consider maintaining a journal where you process your feelings, especially heavy emotions that can create ongoing stress for you long after a negative event.
  4. Listen to music. When you’re feeling tense and stressed, listen to your favorite music.  Music has a great way of helping to focus the mind and relieve stress. And if you’re feeling inspired, clear some space to do a little dancing so you can get the benefits of physical exercise too.

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