Law Firm Recruiting Webinar

Maximize Referrals on Each Call

Recorded on: April 27, 2017

Maximize ReferralsPresented by Scott Love,
Legal Recruiting Industry Expert

Warm calls, people who already know you, are the easiest and most productive calls to make. Referral calls are almost as effective. What would happen to your effectiveness in reaching people if you could get more referrals? How many more placements could you make each year if you doubled the amount of referrals you get?

Learn how to maximize your phone time with legal recruiter and recruiting expert Scott Love as he gives you tactical action steps to get more referrals.

In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • The best time to ask for referrals, whether you are looking to get more clients or candidates.
  • How to determine who is most likely to give you referrals.
  • How to get people comfortable with giving you referrals.
  • How to overcome “Let me call him and if he’s interested he’ll call you.”
  • The four questions that will give you maximum referrals from candidates.