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Check out our fun, informative and free monthly video webinars presented by legal recruiting industry expert, Scott Love of Attorney Search Group. This series of legal recruiter webinars focus on lateral partner recruiting to help you and your firm mitigate risks and maximize returns.

2018-2019 VIDEO SERIES

Lateral Partner Recruiting Video: How to Interview Lateral Partners. Video number nine of the Leopard Solutions and Attorney Search Group co-branded series features Scott Love discussing the best way to interview a potential lateral partner for your firm. You can’t make assumptions and if you want them to join your firm, you have to make them feel wanted. Learn other tips and tricks on minimizing risk and maximizing profits with your lateral partner recruiting process. 

Law Firm Recruiting Video: Getting Partners to Help. In our latest co-branded webinar series installment, Scott Love discusses how you can rally the firm’s partners to pitch in during the lateral partner recruiting process. All partners are busy and have hectic caseloads, but if pressure is applied gently, you can minimize risk and maximize profits with your lateral partner recruiting process. 


Law Firm Recruiting Video: When They Are Looking At Other Firms. In this webinar installment, Scott Love discusses what to do when the potential lateral you are looking to recruit already has an offer on the table. What do you do? Learn how to mitigate risks and maximize profits while positioning your firm as a great choice at the same time.

Law Firm Recruiting Video: The Culture of Recruiting. In this installment, the first of 2019, Scott Love of The Attorney Search Group, discusses the culture of recruiting including the players on the field; Leadership, the Quarterback, and the Sponsor. How does a law firm create a culture of strategic growth? Through the lateral recruitment process!

Law Firm Recruiting Video: Distinction & Uniqueness. In the fifth installment of our co-branded video series, Scott Love of Attorney Search Group talks about setting your firm apart from all the rest. What makes your firm unique? What qualities about your firm should attorney candidates leave with?

Law Firm Recruiting Video: Strategic Priorities or Opportunistic Hires? In the fourth video of our co-branded series, Scott Love of Attorney Search Group talks about mitigating risks and maximizing profits when hiring lateral partners through the understanding of strategic and opportunistic hires.

Law Firm Recruiting Video: Defining A Process. In this video, Scott Love of Attorney Search Group talks about defining the process of your lateral partner recruiting. This short video helps you and your firm define what you are looking for and expecting from a lateral partner by fully understanding the outcome and defining the role in order to mitigate the risks and maximize the returns of lateral partner hiring.

Law Firm Recruiting Video: Integration is Key. In this video, Scott Love of Attorney Search Group talks about four ideas to better integrate lateral partners. This short video helps you and your firm onboard a new partner and get them acclimated, mitigate the risks and maximize the returns of a new lateral partner.

Law Firm Recruiting Video: It’s All About the Client. In this video, Scott Love of Attorney Search Group talks about lateral partner recruiting to help law firms grow through lateral recruitment. This short video also helps you recognize ongoing industry trends, mitigate risks and maximize opportunities.

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Upcoming Legal Recruiting Webinar Topics:

  • Law Firm Partner Recruiting: Defining a Process
  • Law Firm Partner Recruiting: Strategic Priorities or Opportunistic Hires, Which is Better?
  • Law Firm Partner Recruiting: Asking Leadership for Help
  • Law Firm Partner Recruiting: The Culture of Recruiting

Archived Webinars:

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About the Presenter: Scott Love

The Attorney Search Group is a partner-level legal recruiting firm which helps law firm partners mitigate risk and maximize opportunity when transitioning from one firm to another.  Scott Love, the firm’s founder, has been in the recruiting industry for over twenty years. Love has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Huffington Post, Selling Power Magazine, and dozens of business publications.  He is the author of  Why They Follow:  How to Lead with Positive Influence and The Recruiter’s Adventure Book. Based in Washington, DC, The Attorney Search Group works with law firms in the Washington and New York markets.  Love is a board member of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants and is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

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