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Getting a Seat at the Table: How to get Buy-in From Leadership, Your Own Partners, and Other Staff

Recorded: January 19, 2017

Presented by Scott Love,
Legal Recruiting Industry Expert

If you work in the recruiting department of a law firm, you know how hard it is to get laterals interested in your firm. Plus, sometimes it’s even harder to get your partnership to contribute energy and time to this process, even though it is critical for your firm’s growth.

If you are not a partner, how can you get the buy-in and commitment from the partnership?

In this 45 minute webinar, industry expert and legal recruiter Scott Love will give you tactical ideas on how to get participation from your partners.  You will learn:

  • Core building blocks a firm needs to get enthusiastic commitment and execution from the partnership
  • How to submit a call-for-action requesting help on recruiting and integration activities
  • How to gently remind and nudge partners that they need to participate, without sounding annoying
  • How to build political capital in your firm so your requests carry more weight
  • How to influence the culture of your firm in a way that lateral recruiting becomes part of your firm’s DNA