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Weekly Training Webinars with the Leopard Client Success Team

Your biggest asset is your team and the tools at their disposal to help them make the best decision for the business. Leopard Solutions is continuously updating its data, aggregated by our proprietary artificial intelligence programs and vetted by our legal search experts. With the constant changes in the legal industry, you need to know that the information at your disposal is precise and up-to-date, so your team and your firm can maintain its competitive edge.

Get the most use out of the #1 legal data platform in the US.

Each week you will learn something new about our turn-key, collaborative tools.

  • Better navigate the dashboard with quick & easy collaborative tools
  • Get the most out of advanced searches
  • Make better use of value-added products (attorney dashboard)
  • Expertly use every aspect of your subscription to get the most use out of the platform and keep ahead of your competitors
  • …and more

Join us for our weekly webinar to learn how to harness the power of Leopard. 

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