Tuesday Tips: Tactics To Help You Quiet Your Mind & Listen

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Active listening is sometimes a difficult thing to master. Even attorneys who make it a point to listen intently to clients and testimony sometimes have a hard time. Quieting your mind and listening is especially difficult when you’re on the job hunt and you’re worried about making a good impression at networking events and interviews. Fortunately, there are tried and true tips and tricks you can use to quiet your mind and actively listen.

  1. Set your intention. Before you enter the conversation set your sights on listening closely.  The decision will help you to focus on actively listening in every situation.
  2. Do not fill the silence. Use the moments of silence to think about what the speaker is saying. Really reflect on the words and think about the questions or statements that focus on the content of what they said first. Once you know the point has been made, you can ask follow-up questions or make comments.
  3. Consider what is not said. Once you have digested the other person’s words, think about the information they left out, ask about them, then add your input or comments based on your level of expertise on the subject. In an interview, you may add information that potentially expands the conversation especially as it pertains to the law firm’s mission, goals, vision, and/or practice area. Or you can also ask about the things that were not mentioned.
  4. Do not be a fix it person. When someone mentions a problem during a conversation, don’t jump the gun with suggestions and advice unless they’ve asked you for it directly.  Your first goal should be to understand what it is that they really want. Sometimes people just want to vent and they want you to listen. Quiet your mind, listen intently to what they are saying.

Quieting your mind and learning to actively listen can help you make lasting, quality connections during your job search, throughout your legal career and private life. Subscribe to the Leopard Blog for discussions on diversity, law firm insights, and other relevant topics.

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